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The Perspective of Muslims

Some perspective. Most Muslims are not online let alone on social media, which has a disproportionate amount of journalists, academics, & activists. The local masjid in contrast is quite the opposite. It’s professionals and laborers busy with jobs and taking their kids to hifz, then shuttling them to practice, then going home for dinner, and some rest. I'm telling you, 90-95% of people at your average Jum'a are totally oblivious as to the Muslim-related firestorms and trends on social media.

Random example: Moroccan electrician with four kids in public school. He's never even heard the word MLI, can't tell you who governs the UAE, and never heard of Sh Bin Bayyah. But he knows one thing: his kids need to be in the masjid once to twice a week with their nose in Allah's Book.

Fourteen centuries of war-lords, traitors, and heretics have come and gone. The masjid has and always will be the beating heart of the umma. People trust their local leaders who they eat with, pray next to, cross paths at the super-market, and invite to their weddings and funerals. These people become moms & dads and pass on that trust to the next generation.

Until the secularists (liberal, communist, SJW’s, atheist, whatever) can come up with a family-based tradition that has physical brick-n-mortar public spaces at which they gather and rally around unquestioned beliefs, morals, & rituals then they will only win battles and never the war. Allah has described mosques as “the houses of Allah.” If anyone thinks any space, physical and virtual can compete against it, all I can say is good luck. Islam & iman will always be manifest on the earth until Allah Himself raises it up.

*The pic below is the first mosque built in Washington DC. in the 1930’s. It then became Temple #4 for the Nation of Islam, and in 1975 went back to being a Sunni mosque under Imam Warith Deen Muhammad.


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