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Sphere of Influence, Sphere of Control

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

One of the most comforting hadiths: "From the best [features] of a person's Islam is leaving off what doesn't concern him." There is so much he-said she-said in the world today. It's a cause for so much stress and anxiety for people. The reality is: popularity is a massive illusion. "What people think" is a mirage. What really matters is sound family, a couple good friends and solid employment. If your work is meaningful and fulfilling, say al-hamdulillah, because a lot of people do not have the luxury to have meaningful jobs, which is ok, because a halal income is an accomplishment by itself.

I like to focus on these concrete things that are in your control. What people think is largely out of your control and rarely relevant to the big three: faith, family, finances.  Another perspective the Prophet ﷺ taught has to do with death. On my death-bed, wi