Class   ​Lessons from the Sahaba

Starts   January 21

Time   Tuesday 7:30pm (after i'sha prayer)


Ages  currently in 6-8th Grade

Instructor   Youssra Kandil 

Location   NBIC

Cost   $100

Register   Full  Plan

About Explorers

At ages 11 - 13, kids undergo some changes, so they need a class just for themselves taught by someone not so removed from that time of life. In this course, we will focus on learning about the Prophet ﷺ.

Specifically, they will cover:

Fundamental Beliefs & Practice 

The Sira of the Prophet ﷺ

Stories of the Prophets

Questions? Contact Registrar@SafinaSociety.org

Scholarship & Tuition Assistance
Although we offer tuition assistance, we have reached our maximum capacity for offers. Feel free to email registrar@safinasociety.org to find out when our next form for assistance will be open.
Thank you!

1330 Livingston Ave, 

North Brunswick NJ 08902


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