In this 12 week course Harun will go over various issues related to the Hadith Sciences including;


- The conditions of an authentic (Sahih) hadith

- What makes a hadith Hassan and Daeef

- Methods of the hadith scholars in classifying hadiths

- Defense of the sunnah from polemics of orientalists and the Quran only movement

- How the different juristic schools of thought (madhhabs) dealt with hadiths

- The study of narrators

- Case studies with a practical application of what is learned

- The different types of hadith collections and their usage in various sciences

- Major figures of hadith sciences

- Harun will narrate a handful of hadiths with a living chain going back to the Prophet (saws)


In this course a student will acquire some of the tools that will enable the student to understand the great legacy of the Muhaditheen. Moreover, a firm grounding in hadith sciences allows the student to comprehend some of hadith evidences that the scholars use to support their positions. This class seeks to build a solid foundation for the beginner student to be able to access the classical texts in uloom ul hadith having been exposed to much of the concepts with the examination of case studies. 


Sciences of Hadith

-Hadith terminology

-Hadith classification

- Ilm al Rijal

Dates  Twelve Sessions: January 24 - April 11

Time Thursdays 8PM EST  90 min sessions

Instructor Harun Saleh

Price $150 


Welcome letter by the instructor, Harun Saleh. 


As-salamu alaykum everyone,

I just wanted to take the time to welcome you all onto this journey we are about to embark on in navigating the hadith sciences and their role in Islam. This science is a very noble one and is one of the main differentiates that Allah blessed our ummah with over the other nations. As Imam al Suyuti said "Allah specified this ummah with three things [He did not give another nation]; the Isnad, i'rab, and ansaab". In our class we will be focusing on the Isnad among other topics. 

In sha Allah, I will be sending out a recommended book list for the hadith sciences though it is not required that you purchase or read these books for this class. This is more for you to build your own libraries. My goal for this class is to equip you with some of the tools to better understand the language of the hadith scholars and how these issues play out in other sciences.

The book we will be using for this class is the Sciences of Hadith book that Dr Shadee Elmasry wrote for the Safina curriculum. You should have received an email asking for your addresses in order for us to ship the books out to you. Please reach out if you have not received anything. 

All classes will be recorded however I strongly recommend keeping to the class times as I will be narrating some hadiths with continuous chains back to the Prophet (saws). I understand that you may not be able to attend every session live and so if you miss any of these narrations live we can set up a time at the end of the course to narrate everything students missed live to them so that no one misses out on any chains. If you are not sure what I am talking about in this paragraph I will further explain in the first class so do not worry.

There will be an examination at the end of the course as well as short quizzes throughout. 

Along with this book I will be offering the study of a book called the Bayquniyya which is the first book that the students of hadith traditionally study. This will take place after we finish this course and is optional. This will be at no extra charge and is something I am personally offering myself. Ijaza (permission to teach) for the bayquniyya will be granted to students who score a 90% or above on the test for this class and passes an oral examination on the text after the bayquniyya class is over as well as memorizing the 34 line poem. Much of what is in the bayquniyya will be covered in our class so when we get to the bayquniyya I will go deeper into some of what we have already taken as well as introducing new concepts from the bayquniyya not in the class.

Please feel free to use the discussion board here to ask all your questions and discuss what we are learning in the class. If at any point I am not able to answer your questions I will refer back to my teachers. 

Lastly I ask that you keep me in your duas and ask Allah that this class be filled with His blessings. 

Jazakum Allahu Khayra


- Harun Saleh 


1330 Livingston Ave, 

North Brunswick NJ 08902

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