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Virtue Signaling

It's when people make a comment about a liberal value just because everyone around them is gung-ho about it. Then people call them out for "virtue signaling." (It's basically the secular version of riya'.) But instead of blasting people for their apparent insincerity, they ought to ask themselves why people are doing this in the first place? Maybe it's because advocates of secular ethics (warriors) are usually so pushy and use shame, mockery, and isolation, that people tow the line only out of fear. They're not actually convinced.

Someone recently told me that the state has the right to force Muslim schools in England to teach liberal gender and sexual values. I said, Listen, even if you win that battle, it doesn't mean you're winning hearts and minds. You're only winning the outwards. Granted, you'll get a few converts to your cause, but the resentment you'll create overall will outweigh your success.

Secular systems don't have the idea of hidaya and the heart. They rely on public pressure, and increasingly, state laws. In contrast, the Prophet peace be upon him spoke so much about how individual guidance is in the heart. Do not use force. Rather, relay the message and make dua for hidaya. Belief and worship based on force and coercion is null and void anyway, and will result in a worse backlash. 

Marxism is an example of a secular idea jammed down everyone's throat. Okay granted you won a century politically speaking. But how many people were killed in the process, and what's the result today? Compare how many people from former Soviet lands still believe in those ideas vs how many people in now secular Muslim lands still refer to the Prophet peace be upon him for guidance. No comparison. 

Keep an eye out for Liberalism to follow the path of Communism in its use of the state power. Zionists as well use nothing but force to shut down any criticisms of Israel. Do they realize how short-term this is? All it's doing is creating more and more resentment, and a bigger problem in the future. 

Lastly, all these ideas rely upon massive da'wa machines that will eventually wane. Hollywood, governments, multi-national corporations, and tech companies are pushing these values. But here's the real test. What happens when the money runs out. When the winds of global politics and economics shift in another direction in 50 years or 100 years? Or less. That's the real test. And what happens when you win the day and the next generation no longer has the same zeal and sacrifice to the cause? (Zionists) 

These are the tests that the message of Islam passed long, long ago and is still going. Not only do we have no comparable da'wa machine (not even close), we have an negative messaging problem. And yet, iman is still spreading all over the world. It's because it is Allah's message and when He places it in a person's heart, nothing can change it.


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