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Two Different Types of Love

When we talk about love and hate in the context of the deen, one has to be aware that there are two types of love/hate. There is rational love/hate and natural love/hate. Rational love/hate refers to what you willingly choose to prefer, obey, follow, prioritize, give preference to, etc. Natural love/hate is out of our hands, it's of the heart, which is one's love/hate for people, foods, lands, etc. Whenever we refer to love/hate in the deen, it is of the rational kind.

When we say we love the Prophet peace be upon him more than anyone else, including our own selves, parents, spouses, and children, it's the rational love. It's that we know that guidance is greater than life itself, and as such, we owe an eternal debt of gratitiude to the one who established this guidance.

When we talk about the hatred of deviation and even enemies, it is also of the rational kind. It is based on principles. One might not actually have any feeling of hate towards a thing, but the expression means that we would not do it, or praise it, or promote it.

The sign of a mu'min is that when these clash, the mu'min acts based upon rational love/hate. Our natural love, sympathy, or hate for something should never cause us to disobey Allah and His Messenger peace be upon him.  The prioritization of rational love/hate over natural love/hate exists outside of Islam too. How many people genuinely loved Bill Cosby. But as soon as all his crimes came out, people, networks, and celebrities all changed their policy towards him. Deep down they still might find his stuff funny (that's natural love), but with their minds, they know it is wrong express any approval of him.

Natural love is out of one's control, but rational love is. It is based on knowledge of the Sunna and the Sacred Law. When it comes to words, actions, and policies, rational love/hate is to be prioritized.


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