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To The Untrained Eye

To the untrained eye, exercise is exercise; meat is meat; soap is soap. But when you go in depth, every exercise has its unique benefit that other ones might not. It's the same with dhikr. Each dhikr is a fast-track to a different benefit:

For rizq/wealth - istighfar 

To strengthen iman - Quran

When challenged - Allahu akbar

For contentment - al-hamdulillah 

To increase awe of Allah - subhan Allah

For protection from doubts - study of aqida

For victory - la hawla wa la quwatta illa billah

For ease of anxiety - salat on the Prophet ﷺ 

For cutting off dunya/distraction - la ilaha illa Allah

For protection from punishment - istighfar & sadaqa

For smoothing of character - salat on the Prophet ﷺ 

For protection from humiliation - kindness to vulnerable

For protection from enemy - hasbi Allah wa ni'm al-wakil

For protection from consequences of own errors - la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu min al-zalimeen


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