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The Power of Words

There was once an Indian shaykh who gave out cures from the Quran. Specific verses to be recited for specific ailments. Ruqya essentially. "We reveal from the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy for the believers."

At the time, the British had come in with their own naturalist worldview and many of the elite began turning their backs on the Quran.

There was a physician in the same neighborhood and every time he would prescribe a medicine to his patients, they would say, I also recite such-and-such a verse given to me by the shaykh. Frustrated, the physician visited the shaykh.

Shaykh, "We now have real medicine; we do not need to rely on placebo beliefs through these verses. It's all superstition." 

The shaykh replied, "We support both medicine and ruqya, since Allah called His Book a cure." 

"But shaykh," said the doctor growing agitated, "these are nothing but words. Illnesses are physical and need physical treatments." 

The shaykh leaned over and said, "If you think the Quran is just words then you have no faith, you are truly ignorant, and to make matters worse, you're quite ugly as well, which means your mother and father must have been ugly too!"

"What!?" exclaimed the physician. "What manners are these? What are you saying??"

Immediately, the shaykh grabbed the man's pulse and said, "Wow, your heart is racing, your face is red, and your body is heated. All physical reactions resulting from mere words that I uttered. Know that words represent meanings, and meanings have the power to alter the physical. Allah is the creator words, meanings, causes, & effects and has decreed that His uncreated Word is a cure to physical illnesses. We also promote medical treatment so that the likes of you can remain employed."


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