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Does a merciful God send people to Hell?

Allah gives people what they want if they insist on it. It's us who aren't always wise. Hell is nothing other than the physical manifestation of separation from Allah. This is a choice some people make in this life. They want separation. They don't believe us when we say there's a life after this life and you're going to get what you ask for. They mock the very idea. We take it on the chin.

When you take on a belief, you intend to keep it forever. This is why beliefs are compensated eternally. Attachment to Allah is physically manifested in Paradise. Separation from Him is physically manifested through Hell.


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Jan 05

there was never a solid, calming response. The only answer is: this is how Allah decided and there is nothing we can do about it. The chances that a person will adopt the religion of their parents or their environment is very high. Go tell a Christian to read the Quran to learn more about the truth, they probably won't read it. A Christian who asks us to read the Bible out of curiosity or search for truth, we Muslims will not do it. Because we are already convinced of the truth of Islam. The behavior adopted is similar except that one will end up in eternal hell.

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