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The Modern Day Hero: Restaurant owner feeds homeless

The spirit of giving is something that Muslims have. We can really make our mark by infusing it into the countries we live in, where often times, it’s too capitalistic, and nobody parts with anything, even food, unless they get a return on investment. It’s such a narrow and miserable way to live. The root of withholding is having weak faith. Weak faith in The Giver whose wealth has no end and gives without counting.  The owner of Sakin Grill, featured on ABC News, to me, is a hero of our times. He feeds anyone in his restaurant that can't afford a meal. And I know of other restaurant owners, especially little chicken shacks in poor areas, that do the same. But I especially like that he did it with style. It’s nice clean crisp restaurant.  If you get the thought, well, how do you run a business if you’re giving out so much? The answer is, our equation as Muslims, includes the Divine promise: “Whoever gives one dinar will receive back it’s likeness ten fold or even up to seven-hundred fold.” That’s not just Khutba talk. It’s part of our business equation and it’s called “tijara ma’ Allah”, doing business with God.  “Returns” are not just in the form of the dollar. If you look at your family and realize: we’re all healthy, that’s rizq. If you look at your accounts and realize: I don’t have any debts, that’s rizq. If you have friends, that’s rizq. If you have purpose in your life and never been down or depressed, that’s rizq. In sum, when Allah gives you a return on your charity, His currency is often things money can’t buy. Far more valuable than the dollar.


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