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The Irony of Life

Life is full of ironies, and is an admixture of good and bad. The age in which you really start appreciating peace and quiet…is also the time you start having kids. Babies: the cutest faces; the most awful odors. Dog: man’s most loyal companion...also the dirtiest creature there is. Cats: the perfect pets…except they have no feelings. Kids are so adorable…when asleep. The most gorgeous animal with it’s orange and black stripes…the tiger is also nature’s most savage killer. The countries with the most beautiful terrains are also the furthest away and least practical to live in. The orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers. It lasts a week. Mint is one of the hardiest plants and offers an amazing flavor. But it invades the entire garden and chokes out all neighboring fruits and vegetables. The more sterile we get, the more allergies we develop. Strength leads to security. Security leads to softness. So the stronger you get, the weaker your offspring become.

​You finally wisen up. But by that time you’re too old and tired to do anything anyway. In this life, everyone’s going to get a share of something good, but don’t envy them. Envy is so evil, that Allah out of His mercy, created an out for us: inside of every good thing is something so bad that if you ponder long and hard on it, you would be thankful you don’t have it. "In matters of deen, look to those better than you. In matters of dunya look at those worse than you."


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