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The Best Way to Spend 45 Minutes A Day

By: Muin Saiyed

I timed how long on average it takes to pray 1 rakah for me if I do short surahs (Ahad, Falaq, Takhathur, etc..).

Now I’ve taken this measurement a few times and without rushing to make sure and I’ve found it takes on average 1-1.2 mins.

So I decided to do some napkin math and if you pray ALL of your Sunnah and your Fard and Witr on average it would be a total of 40 rakah.

This comes down to about 45 mins a day.

Just for comparison, one episode of The Walking Dead runs for about 46 mins.

I’m going to keep that in mind the next time I decide to skip or rush a sunnah or fard prayer. Am I really going to spend more time watching something than spending that time in the worship of the Creator who gave me the capabilities (my eyes, ears, mental functions, etc) to watch that thing in the first place?


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