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#SafinaQ&A: Insight behind Women Being the Majority in Jannah & Jahannam?

By: Dr. Shadee Elmasry

Question: Salam sheikh, can you please provide insight into the ahadith about women being the majority in both jannah & jahannam. This is currently causing a lot of fitna... can you please provide clarity?

Answer: The men and women of the Companions had this debate. Who is more in Paradise? Ibn Sirin said Abu Hurayra said: “The women are more due to the hadith, ‘Each person in Paradise will have two wives.’” Therefore the women are greater in number. Ibn Hajar confirms the narration and the understanding.

As for the opposite hadith, “Women are least in Paradise,” Qurtubi and others explained that one refers to before the Intercession while the other after.


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