S1:E4 – Mini Muftis, MSA’s, and the forgotten Masajid with Mufti Niaz (Safina Podcast)

A conversation with Mufti Niaz, Haris Farooqi, and Muin about the dynamics and issues at play at MSA’s across the country.

Come have a listen as we discuss issues of clashing aqeedah, secular influences, mini muftis, blurred lines and more in this episode of the Safina Podcast!

DISCLAIMER: Due to the excitement of our conversation, the mic had a few static laughs as well and because our conversations are unscripted and raw, it isn’t possible to redo a great conversation. We tried our best to remove the static and muffling of the mic, but alas not much could be done in the end. Please make duaa Allah Azzawajal provides us with a solution soon!


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