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Rule of thumb: the Muslim is never analogized with the kafir.

by Dr. Shadee Elmasry

"Moses called out the Pharaoh in front of everyone, therefore if a speaker or a shaykh says something wrong, we should also expose them."

Rule of thumb: the Muslim is never analogized with the kafir. The Muslim, particularly one putting effort, is owed certain considerations.

Among them is gentleness, having a good opinion, seeking to find makharij, or "what they may have meant," etc.

Sowing hatred between the Muslims has always been met with the same result: they are removed from the jama'a of Muslims by their own extremism.

Extremism in turn always plays out in the same way: disaster in your own home. The fitra of one or more of the children of extremists will reject these excesses, and sadly, may reject the entirety of Islam. And this is one way the common man discerns excess: by looking at the families and the kids. They say, well look how that turned out. If it's one person it's an exception, but when it's a pattern, it's extremism or ghuluw.

The Prophet ﷺ told us to tread the path of this deen gently, for nobody tries to take it all on at once except they end up humbled. Balance is best learned by seeing how the elder pious Muslim scholars and imams practice it.


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