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Practical Steps to a Heart Filled with Light

Your Lord, the The Most Merciful said, "O My servants. You commit sins day and night, and I forgive all sins, so make istighfar to Me, and I will forgive you."  The Prophet ﷺ said, "If you bathed in a river five times a day would any filth be left on you?" The Sahaba said no. The Prophet ﷺ said that is the effect of the five prayers on the heart.

The spirituality of today is:  constant tawba  + little sadaqas  + good manners with people + good dhikr sessions  to clean off those sins and polish the heart.

Listening to Quran is of the easiest and fastest way to bring a lot of Nur into the heart. "Who is better him or the one in whom We placed Nur in his heart and so he walks with it into the people." 

One who is on a sound aqida has opened a vast door of mercy by which to be forgiven. But as for one with errors therein, or failing to recognize the importance of sound beliefs, no matter how much good he does, he only opens a small door. Right Belief > Right Action. "Oh you who believe, believe." What does this verse mean? It means: 

1-study aqida seriously; don't be satisfied with just basics

2-be sincere in your actions, do not let it be just words

3-remove the rust of riya (showing off) and nifaq (hypocrisy)

In our tawba, elevate the five prayers and sunnas around it. Two Companions died, one being better than the others. The Sahaba said, "The more virtuous one died six months before the less virtuous one." The Prophet ﷺ said, "As for the second one, how do you know where his prayers delivered him?" Meaning that six months of more obligatory prayers could have equalled him in rank with his brother. People exercise for an hour. Or go to a movie for two or three. Imagine if we gave the same time to dhikr and istighfar. Our hearts would be shining and our records clean.


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