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Our Era of Islam

By: Dr. Shadee Elmasry

People often conflate the political demise of Islam with its spiritual decline. It would make sense to fall into this line of thinking, but the truth is the opposite.

And the Prophet ﷺ said this:

“You will be many, but you will be like the froth of the sea" (Abu Dawud).

Meaning that your political clout will be as weak as the froth of the sea due to the love of dunya. Having large numbers is a good thing, and Allah is always guiding individuals who are innocent of the betrayals of the political leaders.

Another well known hadith (Tabarani and Ahmad) says the day will come when this affair (Islam) will enter every household of brick or mud, meaning rich and poor, country and city. And this we are seeing.

The Quran says, “What is to come for you is greater than what passed” (Surah ad-Duha).

They took from this that the number of believers will always be in a state of increase because what the Prophet ﷺ loved was his umma. And the statistics reflect this. Surely amongst them are many sincere believers, even if weak and not as knowledgeable as those of the past.

The Quran also says, “We raised up your remembrance,” (Sharh). and this includes that the mention of the Prophet ﷺ (and his teaching) will always be on more and more tongues, and never less.

Perhaps the biggest evidence is the reality on the ground. I have been told many times—and I expect my colleagues have to—that the age of masajid and imams, seeking knowledge and doing da’wa is all over. That nobody cares anymore. “People have moved on” etc. I always reply, maybe *you* moved on, but don’t project on everyone else. Allah is always replacing those who dropped out with those who care. And it’s always more.

“Whoever turns their back on this religion, Allah will bring forth a people whom He loves and who love Him.”

I can nearly guarantee that if I polled 100 imams and asked, “Are you busier now or in 2010” all of them would say it’s not even up for debate.

This idea that it’s all crashing down is nothing but one of Shaytan’s moves to demoralize you. But the truth is the exact opposite at the individual level. True, there’s more filth and more haters, but there’s more light too. And you love to look at the diversity of it all. In no other era of Islam could you find company with people of piety literally anywhere in the world. When you enter the realm of taqwa, the globe opens up to you.

You’ll never have a shortage of support, and you’ll have more contacts and friends than you’ll know what to do with.


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J. Tullo
J. Tullo
Aug 06, 2021

"which are invented narrations full of shame, ridicule, often defy reason and logic, and very clearly contradict the Quran." - bold claims. Care to elaborate?



As far as one can see, today’s Islam is not a religion but a massive cluster of several divided cults who contradict and oppose each other, and in several cases extremely violently. And yet, all of their worships and devotions are common and revolve around the messenger pbuh, his family and companions etc for the past fourteen centuries to this very moment.

As in your case in your preaching article, you’ve raised the messenger status in parallel with Allah swt...

I honestly find it extremely hard to comprehend how the overwhelming majority of those who call themselves Muslims, believe that Allah swt has revealed two sets of commandments, one set in the Quran, which is a book of truth…

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