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Go Slow and Easy

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Go slow and easy in the deen or you will not last. The Prophet peace be upon him warned about those who go in hard. "They come out of the end of the target." I personally had never understood this hadith. Neither did Dawud Yasin until he started hunting: if you're too close to the dear, your arrow actually goes through the entire dear's body and out of the other side.

The best feature of a person's religion is consistency. And consistency can only happen through balance. Life, work, deen, and even leisure and entertainment to unload the build up of the minor stress of daily life. Abu al-Darda' used to say, "I engage in something of the batil so as to return to my ibada fresh."

Also, this religion is a social one. There is a time and place for being alone and staying away from people. But as a general rule, it's social. And if we are going to have long-lasting relationships, then we must learn respect and restraint. Nobody is bon with these things; they're learned.  ​ The tongue should be viewed as an enemy. As Ibn al-Qayyim said, "This is why Allah put it behind bars: your teeth." The default setting of the jaw bone is that it's closed. So the default setting should be silence. Only if there is a need or a Sunna should we talk. Because mainly, it is unwise words that soil relationships. Further, silence helps your reputation. An American author once said sarcastically to critic, "When you were silent, I could only guess how stupid you were; but when you started talking, you confirmed it." In the spirit of consistency, I love this African saying: "If you need to go fast, go alone. If you need to go far, go together."

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