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From One Extreme to Another

In our community, there used to be these roving gangs that would aggressively attend masajid and do these stick ups, but instead of demanding money, they'd demand from people their "daleel" for what they were doing or believing at that moment. Everyone was suspected of shirk or bida. It was a witch hunt. It was bad.

For the most part, that fitna is gone. But I feel it's been replaced with another scourge on society. The exact opposite. A type of people that have swallowed and digested the liberal notion that you should respect and honor ideas that go against your beliefs and happily coexist with their proponents. The catch phrase they use for anyone who doesn't abide by these rules always involves the word "adab."

Allah knows best, but to me, the concepts of daleel and adab are grossly misused in both circles. Let's take a look at the Sahaba. They did ask for evidence. They used to ask, "Did you hear this directly from the mouth of Rasulullah ﷺ?" But it was with respect and desire for confirmation, not suspicion or sniffing like a wolf hungry for blood.

Also, we need to look at how Sahaba dealt with the enemies of Islam. They were strong. They didn't run around loving them and asking to be loved in the name of adab. Go look at the story of Umar and the man who grabbed the Prophet ﷺ's collar demanding his debt payment. Look at what Abu Bakr said to Masud al-Thaqafi when he suggested the Muslims would abandon the Prophet ﷺ. They were as Allah said, soft with the believers, tough on the enemies.

The pendulum swung from too harsh to too soft. We need to get to that middle where we're normal with people and nice and all, but when it comes to deen there are limits. We don't fraternize with those insulting the deen daily nor those peddling what is contrary to the Haqq, compromising our aqida in the name of adab. We need to find that balance. Wallahu ta'ala alam.


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