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How to Pray Eid Prayer at Home during COVID (Maliki Fiqh)

by Harun Saleh

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In light of the current Covid-19 shutdown people have been asking about praying the ‘Eid Prayer at home. Since we are not able to congregate in an open area to perform the prayer, we may pray at home individually or in congregation with our families. I have summarized the details on what one needs to know to pray it at home from Al Sharh al Saghir by Imam al Dardir. I have also relied on Imam al Hattab’s commentary on Mukhtasar Khalil, Al Mawahib al Jalil.

The Ruling of the Eid Prayer

The Eid Prayer is a Sunnah Mu’akada (confirmed sunnah) on those whom the Friday Prayer is obligatory. For all others it is Mandub (recommended).

How to Pray the Eid Prayer

It is 2 rakaat (units) that can be prayed after the time of Duhaa enters and cannot be prayed after the time of Dhuhr comes in.

The 2 rakaat are prayed regularly with the following modifications

  1. The first unit is done with 6 extra takbeeraat (saying Allahu Akbar) for a total of 7

  2. The second unit is done with 5 extra takbeerat for a total of 6

  3. The takbeerat should be done consecutively with the Imam leaving just enough time between them for the followers to repeat

  4. The hands are only raised in the opening takbeera

  5. If the Imam forgets a takbeera and remembers before going into ruku’, he should go back and make it up then read Faatiha and the Surah after it again. He is then to do 2 sujud after the salam

  6. If the imam remembers the forgotten takbeera after going into ruku’ he is to complete the prayer then do 2 sujud before the salams

  7. The first unit should be prayed with either Surat al A’laa or al Ghaashiya recited out loud

  8. The second unit should be prayed with Surat ash-Shams recited out loud

  9. There is no Adhaan done nor is there any other call to prayer such as As Salat Jaami’a

  10. There is no khutbah to be done

Allah knows best. والله أعلم

Harun Saleh


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