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Every situation can be classified into one of the following categories, and based on that classification, there is a way of interacting with the Sharia.

The hierarchy of the five priorities are:

DARURA - literally a life and death issue. It allows the forbidden to become lawful (see conditions post from a few days ago).

HAAJA - a dire need, such that you won't die per se but would lose a limb or o blind. Making it such that life would never be the same. It is like a DARURA in allowing the unlawful to become lawful with the aforementioned conditions.

MASHAQQA - a hardship. You won't lose life or limb, but it makes life difficult and uncomfortable. At most, it allows one to do something frowned upon or forego doing a recommended act. But definitely does not allow the haram to become halal. It is best to fight through these. 

MANFA'A - a benefit. We should not forgo any sunna (recommended) acts for the sake of a benefit, no less leaving off obligations or committing prohibitions. ZEENA - an adornment. It's not necessary nor really beneficial. It's a decoration. An extra feather in your cap. The Prophetic way seeks to keep this at a minimum. Too much of it is a distraction and waste of time and disliked by the Lord. The push against it is something similar to the minimalist movement in modern art. Everything is categorized based on this immediate moment, not based on a potential, possible chain reaction.


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