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A Treasure Hunt for the Divine Wisdom

By: Dr. Shadee Elmasry

From my personal experience, a problem or a bad thing never goes away until you "make peace" with it. Not only that, you learn to even 'enjoy' the situation. It sounds crazy but that's my personal experience. "Make intimate peace with deprivation and give it its due."

If you can learn to transform something into a game, a contest, a challenge, a joy...then by definition, it's no longer a problem, right?

From a theological angle, it's recognizing that this thing only exists in your life because Allah allowed it to, and everything He does is for a good reason, no matter how painful it may be in the short term. The situation becomes a treasure hunt for the Divine Wisdom. And once you discover it, it's more valuable than gold. Your life will never be the same. In many cases, the moment you discover it is the moment the problem begins to recede.

Resistance in my experience is futile. Our bodies may be commanded by Sharia to fight back, but internally, we're at peace, recognizing this issue is from Allah for a reason. And sometimes you can't find the reason, but you're in the habit now of non-resistance. Make peace with it and learn to enjoy the situation. The wisdom will rear its head eventually. It's all like a spiritual law of nature.


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