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A Proof of the Prophet – His Name ﷺ

Assuming you already believe in an All Powerful and Willing God...

1) Muhammad peace be upon him was indisputably a real historical and documented figure. 

2) His name literally means the most praised (quantity of praise). 

3) He is factually and indisputably the most praised human being in human history. We can judge this by published works, poetry, biographies. Today probably not a second goes by (24/7/365) where someone is not praising this man on earth through the adhan or other prayers Muslims make. The fact that this man is by far the most praised human being ever can be statically verified. 

4) A nation or regime can engineer praise for a century or two, but who can ensure this for a millennium and a half?? Only the All-Willing and All-Powerful God can allow such a miracle for a human being to be praised round the clock for over 1400 years. No other figure in history has this distinction. It can’t be a coincidence. It is a simple and beautiful sign from the Creator.

5) From a Jewish or Christian perspective, there is no explanation for the status of this historical figure, unlike Islam which completely addresses the status of both Sayyidna Musa and Issa.

By Ahmed Naiem 


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