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A Muslim Can Fall Into Alcoholism, But...

Can a Muslim fall into alcoholism? Sure, it happens. We are all human and nobody should ever look down on another because of a weakness. Not only does Allah accept repentance, but He loves those who repent. Yes, even while mired in sins, as long as they wish they weren’t in it and are penitent every time, Allah is still loving them, never turning them away.

But can that Muslim who fell into alcoholism turn around and form a group called Muslims 4 Alcohol? Or say that he “identifies” with drinking? Or says, “Support us Muslim beer drinkers?”

At that point you’re basically saying alcohol is fine and good, which necessitates that Allah was wrong in telling us that alcohol is the opposite: filthy and from Shaytan. Contradicting the Quran puts one outside of Islam. Just like eating meat puts one outside vegetarianism.

I totally support the Mad Mamluks for saying the same thing about the pic below. Can a Muslim fall into zina, pornography, adultery, beastiality, homosexuality? Sure; it happens. We’re weak humans. But “identifying” with it is a whole nother ball game. Can you imagine someone saying “I’m a Muslim and I identify with watching porn.” How can a Muslim identify with something Allah told us not to do. And when it comes to homosexual acts, a whole city was destroyed for it when they refused to repent or believe it was wrong. And you’re going to identify with that? Meaning you like this? You think it’s right and wholesome and good? In that case, how does one reconcile submission to Allah when they believe Allah is wrong. What is the definition of “God” if His word is not the very meaning of Truth and Goodness?

Allah al-Musta’an. May Allah strengthen our knowledge and iman and let us live and die on the Sunna and Jama’a.


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