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All Arkview courses

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The foundations of the deen for kids, youth, and adults.


13 live courses
(details below)
Access to Arkview courses
+50 Pre-recorded classes
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Access to exclusive events/programs:

 Men/Women Book Club
Exclusive Talks/Livestreams
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Online Live Courses

1 Fiqh Essentials: Pre-Teens to Young Adults
• On Arkview+ & Arkview Basic. 
This course is live starting July 17. 
• This course takes an in depth look at the pillars of Iman & Islam, with a heavy emphasis on prayer and purification, and followed by manners and the rights of parents.
• Age: 11+ including adults
• Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST

• Hala Amer

2 Sira for Kids
•On Arkview+ & Arkview Basic. This course is live starting July 17.
• Sunday, 10:15 AM- 11:15 AM EST
• Muin Saiyed

Maliki Fiqh: Ibn Ashir Part 3
• On Arkview+ & Arkview Basic. 
• This course is live starting July 12. All sessions recorded.
• Tuesday, 7 PM 
• Dr. Shadee Elmasry

Readings in Tafsir  
• On Arkview+. This course is live starting July 12. All sessions recorded.
• Tuesday after Maghrib
• Dr. Shadee Elmasry

5 Islamic History for Tweens
• On Arkview+ & Arkview Basic. This course is live starting July 13. All sessions recorded.
• This course covers Islamic history from the time of the rightly guided caliphs to the late Ottoman empire.
• Thursday 11 AM - 11:40 AM
• Ryan Gyllenhammer

Fortress of Faith for Teens
• On Arkview+ & Arkview Basic. This course is live starting July 14. All sessions recorded.
• Students will learn the fundamentals of a Muslim's beliefs, or 'aqida.
• Schedule: Wednesday 11 AM - 11:40 PM EST 
• Age: High schoolers
• Meurad Osman

Interactive Tajwid
• On Arkview+ & Arkview Basic. This course is live starting July 16. All sessions recorded.
• This course will begin with covering the basics and fundamentals of the science of Tajwid followed by theory and practice sessions to learn the proper pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet and the rules of Tajwid.
• Saturday, 10:00 AM- 12:15 PM EST
• Nuh Saunders

Plus over 55 pre-recorded classes.



Our Teachers

Muf on silver.png

Niaz Hannan
Mufti Niaz Hannan is the Imam and Religious Director at ICSJ. He is a graduate from Darul Uloom Al-Madania in Buffalo, New York and Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda UK in Blackburn, and completed his Ḥifẓ (complete memorization of the Holy Qur’ān). He is currently the Muslim Chaplain at Drexel University, part-time instructor at IQRA Institute and Riwaq Institute, and Imam Ghazali Institute in New York.

Harun 2 on silver.png

Harun Saleh
Harun began his studies with Safina and is now delving deep into Maliki fiqh, studying under Sh. Zuhayr Qazzan while studying other sciences with other scholars in Egypt. He is an accountant by trade and currently preparing to attend
Al-Azhar University.

SE on silver.png

Shadee Elmasry
Currently scholar in residence at New Brunswick Islamic Center, Dr. Shadee's PhD was on the da'wa of Imam al-Haddad, focusing on elevating the standard of knowledge of the common Muslim. He has studied in Yemen, Mecca and Madina, London and Cairo under several veteran ulema and holds a masters and PhD in religious studies. He is also the founder and head of Safina Society.

Tariq on silver.png

Tariq Ameer
Our Shafi'i fiqh resource, Imam Tariq has taught at Safina for years and is a graduate of Dar al Mustafa. He is currently a chaplain at the NJ Prison System, a teacher at the M.E.C.C.A  Center in NYC and PhD candidate at Bayan Claremont.

Sh Osama on silver.png

Osamah Salhia
Sheikh Osamah Salhia currently serves as the Imam of ICPC after spending 8 years abroad studying Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University- Faculty of Shari’ah in Egypt. He serves as an online instructor at Guidance College, is certified in the ten canonical modes of recitation, is traditionally trained in Shafi’i Fiqh and has previously worked as a Content Editor and Shari’ah Reviser for the International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH).

FB_IMG_1598414246860 (1).jpg

Nuh Saunders

Nuh Saunders has studied the various Islamic sciences including fiqh, hadith, sira, and tassawuf. His main area of study is Quranic recitation. He has memorized the main text in the science of tajwid and received ijaza. 


Umar Khattak
A very consistent, patient, and enthusiastic teacher of the Quran, Umar is dedicated to educating our children in how to recite the Quran properly. We have now expanded the Quran for Kids program to three sessions a week. 

Hala on silver.png

Hala Amer
Hala Amer has worked and volunteered in the Muslim community for over 15+ years and is currently a board member of Wafa House. She has spent the past number of years furthering her understanding of traditional Islam, with a primary focus on fiqh, which she has studied through online teachers and programs - including Sheikh Shadee Elmasry, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, and Sheikh Walead Mosaad. 


Kareem Odeh
A Safina student of many years, Kareem now studies Shafi'i fiqh and usul with Sh Abdurragmaan Khan and others. A tutor for over 5 years, he has taught children and teens topics ranging from test prep to karate lessons.


Meurad Osman

Meurad Osman has served as a speaker, educator, and Imam for the NY/NJ area for several years. He graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology from Kean University. After graduating, he studied at the Darul Funun Institute in Istanbul Turkey with scholars from Syria. His passion is teaching Islamic Creed and equipping people with the scriptural and intellectual proofs they need to keep their faith firm and secure. 


Muin Saiyed
Muin Saiyed has been working with multiple communities for a number of years as a volunteer and seeker of knowledge dedicated to dawah and tackling contemporary issues. He has studied the basics of a number of Islamic Sciences with Mufti Niaz, Dr. Shadee and other classical teachers while being an active researcher, host, and manager of the Safina Society Podcast. 


Ryan Gyllenhammer
Ryan Gyllenhammer spent his teenage years studying philosophy and spiritual experience, eventually leading him to accept Islam at the age of 18. He currently studies aqeedah, fiqh, and arabic with Dr.Shadee and Meurad Bagh in addition to Urban Planning & Design at Rutgers University. He has also been co-leading a local Young Muslims group for over a year.