FALL & SPRING 2019-20

Ages  Children 7-12

Starts  Sep 22

Time   Sundays 9:30 - 12:30


Teachers  Dr. Shadee Elmasry, Afnan Alheyari, & Hannain Raza


Topic   Hifz, Sira, Fiqh, & Fun

Location   NBIC

Cost   $800


Currently open: Online Fiqh for Kids -  CLICK HERE

A day in NextGen...

Students arrive at 9:30 and settle into a calming dhikr. They then proceed to one of three sections. Dr. Shadee teaches Sira, Hanain teaches fiqh, and Afnan teaches Quran. Each class is about 35 minutes. After the second class, they take a break and have some fun. Then they return to the third class followed by lunch.

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About NextGen 


We keep our student to teacher ratio low. We teach objective content that can be assessed in short quizzes and tests. This allows us to guage if students are learning. But Islam is not just the amassment of information. Character is essential, and for that we emphasize suhba, or good companionship. Our teachers are all Safina students, and we hope that by interacting with students of knowledge, our NextGen kids will develop a love of learning and acting upon their knowledge. Lastly, continuity is important. As such, after NextGen, students shift to Explorers, a weeknight class for tweens ages 12-14.  

Scholarship & Tuition Assistance
Although we offer tuition assistance, we have reached our maximum capacity for offers. Feel free to email to find out when our next form for assistance will be open.
Thank you!

1330 Livingston Ave, 

North Brunswick NJ 08902

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