This exciting new oppurtunity will connect you to scholars, imams, students, and communities from around the country and the entire English speaking world. We are raising funds for our full time program, campus, & seminary in New Jersey.

The Operations Manager will manage the various onsite & online campaigns. Among the onsite campaigns is the traveling Voyages program, which involves organizing nation-wide programs, classes, and retreats with scholars

of Ahl al-Sunna, that are followed by presenting and fundraising for the Village.

The administrator must thus have strong organizational, networking, marketing, and book-keeping skills. They must possess the patitude and drive to continue developing these skills. The stamina to travel regularly is also needed. Previous experience in Muslim organizations is highly preferred. Residence/relocation to Central Jersey is necessary.

Apply by sending your resume and cover letter, with references, to



1330 Livingston Ave, 

North Brunswick NJ 08902


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