Welcome to the Safina Society online platform.

We all love being part of a community, and increasingly, we're also involved in online communities. At Safina Society, we want to foster a group of people united by nothing other than the love of deen. Nothing is sweeter than gathering for the sake of Allah and learning how to draw near to Him. Rather than decrying technology for spreading filth and drama, why not use it for something that makes us happy, united, serene, and most importantly, something that will testify for us on the Day of Judgement, and not against us.

How it Works

Students take live classes during term time (Fall, Spring, Summer),

then catch up on pre-recorded classes during breaks. We also stay in touch through a WhatsApp group.


There is a foundations track (Arkview) and a scholarship track (Arkview+). The  scholarship track is for students eager to climb the mountain of knowledge. Give us time, and we'll prepare you for the journey. You'll graduate ready and able to sit in high level classes of theology and law, knowing exactly what is being taught.

The foundations track is for those who want to stay connected with loosely organized and relaxed sessions, not necessarily following an ordered curriculum.

Signing Up

Nothing is free in this life, and unfortunately, this program is not free either, as it takes our organizers a considerable amount of time and energy to arrange all the classes and get the word out. But what we have done is made things easier by simply charging a monthly fee, rather than a per course charge. The Arkview+ scholarship track is $49/mo, while Arkview foundations track is $10/mo. Join or unjoin at any time.

Where are the courses?

Live courses are taught through Zoom or YouTube.

Pre-recorded classes are accessed through MyArkview.org.

Announcements, links, and other communications are via Google Classroom.


Reach out to us at any time. MyArkview@SafinaSociety.org

This Summer's Live Classes

We have six exciting classes on the docket starting June 21.

Shadee Elmasry

Interactive Arabic Course

Tues & Thurs 5pm

Ashir Adrian Kirk

Interactive Tajwid Class

Thurs 7pm & Sat 10am

Ali Ben Saad

Hadith for Youth

Mon & Wed 10am

Niaz Hannan

Hadith Course with Ijaza

Sundays 2pm

Youssra Kandil

Stories of the Prophets for Tweens, time tbd

Ali, Hala, & Afnan

Fiqh for Kids!

Sundays 9:30am

Classes You Can Access Now


Introduction to Tajwid

Causes of Revelation

Surat al-Kahf Explained  

The Short Suras Explained

Hadith & Sira

Summarized Sahih Muslim

(Books of Iman, Tahara, & Salat)

Wisdoms of the Sira (Arkview+)


The Arabic Alphabet

Introduction to Arabic Grammar


World of Angels

The Lives of Man

Hikam of Ibn ‘Ata (Arkview+)

Virtues of Secusion

Summarized Ihya Ulum al-Din 

Manifestations of the Unseen

The Remembrance of God

The Alchemy of Happiness


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